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been in a accident you may feel the car slightly drifting and the car does not drive straight. Or you hit those dump parking cement blocks to many times. So I will tell you what you need to do you first have to take it to a body shop that specializes in suspension free to just take a spin around the block and they can tell you exactly what the problem is. COST we depending on out come it may be just a alignment problem. if its severe after an accident it may be cheaper just to request body shop to replace the whole suspension of the damaged side. used suspension run under 500 and labor 3 or 4 hundred so pretty cheap better than telling insurance you hit a curb while texting. hope it was helpful

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Success has been our investment and commitment to having the best technicians. We search far and wide to make sure that anyone touching your car is highly trained, qualified and fits the standard making us best auto body shop in the area. “This place is amazing! Very trustworthy and honest” Say our Customers At our auto body repair facility, we have the most up to date vehicle repair equipment to bring you the highest-quality workmanship that was can. We are able to meet and exceed the manufacturer factory specification for collision repair thanks to our advanced equipment. With our top-of-the-line paint equipment, every paint job that we work on in our facility comes with a lifetime guarantee. We know we are the best collision repair shop. Which is why we stand behind the work that we provide.We pride our auto repair shop on having the best customer service in the industry. 
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We provide express Fast repairs quality material. Insurance claims bumper repairs, Expert color matching, Clear coat We are the leaders in mobile plastic bumper repair! There is no need to take your car to an expensive body shop and leave it for days or weeks. In most cases, they will replace your bumper which can be very expensive. We specialize in plastic bumper repair and paint at your home or office. We can fix scratches, chips, dents and cracks. In a matter of hours, it will look like it never happened. We have been performing mobile bumper repair at car dealerships If they can trust us, so can you.
Before I start my review id like to say that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to paint. My car has been a SEMA car (indoors for two years) and has countless trophies to show the quality of its build. The last paint shop I visited was C&C collision in Alhambra (M fest winning shop) so I picked up a 2007 Suzuki SV650 just to get my feet wet with the motorcycle scene. I got an AMAZING deal on it because the paint was terrible to say the least, every single fairing was cracked/broken and the tank had several dents in it. Honestly the bike was a write off, once I realized how much I loved riding I felt terrible about my purchase, it was embarrassing and honesty an eye sore... So I started looking into painting the bike, 4 body shops told me to just buy all new fairings and a gas tank. The only problem with that is that on the SV650's parts are scarce and expensive, think 700+ for a good condition tank and 1K plus for OEM fairings. So I stopped by and spoke to Alex...he listened to my concerns and assured me that he could handle it "I love working on projects people say can't be fixed" were his words. So I left him my keys and my bike and went about my day, that same day my bike was stripped down and the repairs began, I ended up choosing Austin Yellow for the color (from the newer BMW's) long story short the bike came out amazing, all the fairings were fixed and you couldn't tell where the original damage was. Alex and his crew definitely worked a miracle on my bike and it was all done in a timely manner but more importantly within my budget. Body show are notorious for being sketchy and I didn't get that vibe from this place. I wouldn't hesitate to bring any vehicle to the guys at clear coat. They've actually painted a few of my friends bikes since they loved the quality, I can't wait to bring in the new bike and have Clear coat Collision and the guys work their magic. Thank you so much for bringing life into my old bike when most said it was totaled Juan M.
Juan M.
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